Greenaway's of Wisely in New South Wales has now ceased operations. Their Hino BG300 with Dennings Denflex body is seen at their premises on Richardson Street in August 2004. The Denning, 7 (MO4490), was new in 1984 and acquired in 1999 from Grahams of Bathurst. It was sold not long after being photographed to Tamborine Mountain Coaches of Tamborine Mountain in Queensland, moving on to Jensens in Gympie by early 2012.

With blinds set for their 317 bus route are - on the left, not yet two years old - Greenaways' Mercedes-Benz OH1725 with Custom Coaches SB40 bodywork, 5 (MO5991), and on the right, in a non standard livery, 3 (MO0550), a Volvo B6M with PMC bodywork.

This unidentified Greenaway's bus is seen at work on the 317 in Wisely.

Back at the depot is Greenaways' Mercedes OH1418 2 (MO2696) with Custom Coaches 310 body.
Greenaways 3D Animated Flags Courtesy of