London Country AN Class
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The first major doubledeck class of vehicles for the newly separated London Country operation, was the AN, Leyland Atlantean.
London Country AN1 JPL101K
AN1, now preserved and seen at the 2000 North Weald Rally, is in its original London Country green and yellow livery, complete with the 'bats wing' motif. Its former duties on the 321 were then in the hands of Arriva's new gas powered DAFs, since displaced by Citaros.
Luton & District Shires AN
Despite deliveries of new deckers recently to Watford and Aylesbury (in Arriva colours) ex London Country ANs soldiered on in High Wycombe, mainly on school contracts and services to Bucks College, though they did find their way on to stage services, usually the 372 to Chesham. This AN is coping with the usual crush of morning traffic round the John Hampden and Wycombe High Grammar Schools at Handy Cross where a new bus lane for school buses had just been installed.
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Luton & District Shires AN233
Shires 5039 (JPE233V) - formerly AN233 - drops students in Marlow.
The Shires
London Country North East Atlantean Park Royal VPB121M
AN121 is preserved in the attractive, but short lived colours of London Country North East. It is seen here at a rather wet North Weald Rally in 1999.
London Country AN138 Atlantean Park Royal
Former London Country AN138 is an NBC standard Atlantean with Park Royal bodywork, in use on school services in the Bristol area.
London Country AN Class
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