SHOWBUS 1973-2023

The SHOWBUSflyby is taking place on the A40
on Sunday June 18th between
Brunel University & RAF High Wycombe

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Our first event was in January 1973 at Brunel University in Uxbridge so 2023 marks our 50th anniversary.
We were planning a double celebration with what was an amazingly successful and well attended display at the Hertfordshire Showground in 2022, but the SHOWBUSflyby along the A40 the week before was postponed until June 2023 as it would have been held on the eve of Her Majesty's funeral.

Our first flyby was in 2020 during the pandemic and it proved to be a very popular event with both particiants and spectators. The route was along the A40 between Oxford and Beaconsfield M40 services with buses departing simultaneously from both ends. So a bus would pass by a given point every two to three minutes.
The 2022 plan was to extend the route back to Brunel University, the original home of SHOWBUS, but this did make for a very long route and the fuel price crisis did not endear itself, so for 2023 we have devised a shorter and equally attractive route.
Special thanks to RAF High Wycombe, headquarters of RAF Strike Command, for allowing us to use their car park as a staging post, thanks to Brunel University also for providing the other staging post. The RAF base has replica Hurricane and Spitfire planes at the entrance and plans are for each bus to pose in the car park to have its photo taken with the planes as a backdrop.
This is an operational military establishment and photography of anything other than the buses is strictly prohibited

As in 2020 the SHOWBUS TRADERS VILLAGE will be in the historic Market Place in High Wycombe High Street. Buses heading to the RAF base will drive through the High Street. Besides the historic market buildings which will house some of the stalls, the High Street boasts a vibrant cafe culture for refreshments, plus shopping in the adjacent Eden Centre.

There will be buses on static display in the centre of High Wycombe and at Brunel University.

Unfortunately TfL (London Transport of old) will not grant exemption for buses which do not meet the requirements of London's Low Emission Zone (LEZ) to travel the extra mile to the University. Luckily this does not apply to buses over 40 years old. Whilst the M25 is the normal boundary for the LEZ, there is an exempt spur along the Oxford Road allowing buses (and cars) to reach as the Cowley roundabout in Uxbridge town centre, so non exempt buses will be able to reach as far as here.

The route will traverse most of southern Buckinghamshire past attractive locations like Denham, Gerrads Cross and Beaconsfield before reaching High Wycombe. As in 2020 the buses will call in at High Wycombe Bus Station the route on to the RAF base has yet to be finalised, either through Hughenden Valley past the grounds of the National Trust's Hughenden Manor before tackling the steep hill up Coombe Lane to gain stunning views over the Chilterns, then on through Naphill Village, where the locals will doubtless be out to view the spectacle, to the RAF base OR via West Wycombe Pedestal and Bradenham Manor.

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