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SHOWBUS international 2017

Special information for entrants...

Joining information by post
Friday 8th September.
Joining details have been sent by email.
We had some "technical issues" trying to send the window displays using Publisher, which split the image in two. A version was then produced in Word as last year. Unfortunately the Publisher one was emailed in error and the Word one then followed. Some folk have reported the image in teh Word version is too large and that has been fixed, so if you want a scaled down version, just ask.
Those who have requested details by post they will be sent over the weekend, the date of posting will be advised here. If your bus is not on the Entry List, the Post Office has failed to deliver your entry form to us, or if you emailed it, the Junk Filters trapped it.
If your entry papers do not arrive in the post CLICK HERE to download the necessary paperwork. The page will be active from Monday 11th September.

For postal recipients, entries received after the mail out will not receive judging forms. You can initiate a form at SHOWBUS Control or download one here and fill it out to bring with you. Having a form on its own is not enough to get judged. You must check in at the Arriva SHOWBUS CONTRL bus. Our judges lists are made up on the Wednesday before the event and the judges allocated to their classes (see the classes on this page. Your window display sheet will make it clear whether your bus has been entered for judging or for display only.)

A detailed parking plan is available to download here.
Bus approach routes 1. Have the right money ready and the "Ticket" form ready at Parking Reception. This is located at the top of the entry hill. We are unable to accept payment by cheque or credit card on the day.
2. Parking Reception (a Motts or Crusader minibus) will also sort out changed or on-the-day entries.

Please note that if arriving after 1300h you will need to find your own way, using the site map, to your parking bay. Call by SHOWBUS Control if you have difficulty doing this or do not have a display number.

A reminder about the conditions for trading at SHOWBUS. All stalls arriving on board buses will be sited in a section adjacent to the main stall area see map. Your vehicle will have a display number between 290 and 299. If this has not happened, let us know immediately.

Please help by following the pointers below:
  • If possible arriving before 10.30h This arrival time is to minimise conflict between visitors and moving vehicles so be extra careful if arriving after 1030h as more visitors will be moving on site.
  • Have your display number visible in the front screen before arrival
  • Do not block the entrance by posing for photographers there is ample opportunity for photographs inside the site. Blocking the public highway is not appreciated by the police and can be a road hazard.
  • Late entries, entries without paperwork and significantly changed entries need to report to Martin Isles at the Parking reception for allocation of an appropriate display place.
  • When you park, the number on the ground on a bright yellow block, should be positioned so that it is immediately below your cab window.
  • Once parked, visit Showbus Control with your 'Judging Sheet' and/or your display number to claim your Rally Plaque.
  • Judging sheets should be handed in to Showbus Control (Arriva doubledecker) as soon as possible. For entries received in the last ten days before the event your Judging Sheet will be at SHOWBUS Control, but you must report to Control so that it gets passed to the judges. There are always "no shows" and judges do not have time to waste looking for buses that aren't there!
  • Please note that land line phone calls from 9.00am on Thursday 14th September will not be received by the team. Ideally SMS message, emails will only be seen in the evenings.

Deckers posed at Showbus in 1999.

Click below for a list of the vehicles that are entered for the 2017 display:
SHOWBUS international Entrants.

Please contact us by e-mail at: rally @

For entry forms, Stallholder enquiries and anyone interested in joining the judges team or helping in any other way should contact rally @ Forms can be downloaded here for buses or here for stalls