Renault was a major French manufacturer, now part of the Irisbus manufacturing group. It absorbed French builders Berliet and Saviem. It also had a partnership with the American builder Mack and several Renaults were sold badged Mack. There is little helpful definitive information on Renault buses, hence the lack of pictures and chronology, any help welcome.
Renault PR100 Transperth
Renault PR180 RATP
Renault PR100 for Transperth
Renault PR180 for RATP Paris
Renault PR112 Bibus
Renault PR312 Action Canberra
Renault PR112 for Bibus
Renault PR312 for Action of Canberra, but sold in Australia as the PR100.3
Renault S105RX
Renault S45
Renault S105RX
Renault S45
Renault Tracer TER
Renault Recreo
Renault Tracer for TER
Renault Recreo
Renault E7
Renault S53R Car Histo Bus
Renault E7
Renault S53R for Bus Verts
Renault Illade Pret a Partir
Renault PR14
Renault Illade for Pret a Partir
Renault PR14
Renault Citybus RATP
Renault Cityline
Renault Citybus for RATP
Renault Cityline for Madrid
Renault FR1 CAB
Renault Carrier
Renault FR1 for CAB
Renault Carrier
Renault Agoraline RATP
Renault TN RATP
Renault Agoraline for RATP
Renault TN for RATP
Renault R312 RATP
Renault artic RATP
Renault R312 for RATP
Renault articulated bus for RATP